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ISCT Boston provides honest third party mold consultations and mold testing to occupants that are nervous about their indoor air quality. Indoor Science Consultants and Technicians has been presenting this service as of 1997, making it one of the oldest indoor air quality consulting companies in Boston. ISCT is one of the pioneers of separating the inspection from the repair process so you can be positive you are receiving an truthful evaluation.

Indoor mold growth can be very detrimental to your well being. Even if you do not have Toxic Black Mold which is generally home and business owners primary concern, there can still be abnormal levels of non-toxic but allergenic strains of mold that can be just as concerning. So if you have had a water damage, see visible mold or suffering from any of the other various reasons to get a mold inspection please give us a call as soon as possible. The quicker you address these issues, the less likely it will be for the mold to cause health problems and need professional restoration.

Reasons to get a Boston Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection Boston

After analyzing our Pricing and Scheduling a mold inspection, we will have a authorized mold inspector move out to the property and do an accurate assessment of your home or business. This will have a complete visual with state of the art moisture detection tools and the minimum of 2 air samples. At the very least we must take an outside control sample and match it to an inside sample from the area that both you and the inspector are utmost concerned about. Our inspector may propose additional Types of Samples to provide helpful information. Whether additional samples are received is entirely up to the consumer.

Upon completion of the assessment, tests are directed to an independent microbiology lab for analysis. Lab results will display which species of mold are present and also right quantities of each. Our consultant will use this info along with notes collected on the visual inspection to make a final opinion in whether or not professional mold remediation is recommended. Your final report will incorporate either clearance letter or a mold removal protocol. If you do need to have a restoration company this scope of work will secure you are only being charged for work that is needed.

The people at Indoor Science Consultants and Technicians of Boston desire we get the chance to perform your mold inspection and array how beneficial and accurate mold testing can be when left with indoor air quality problems. For more information please see our page of Frequently Asked Questions or simply give us a call at (781) 730-0650.

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Indoor Science Consultants and Technicians of Boston provides unbiased mold inspections and mold testing to the entire metro area.
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